Service Learning

TEN offers a distinct platform for activists passionate about social impact and personal growth. Our volunteers engage with various members of host communities and gain a deeper understanding of complex global realities.

Life Within the Local Culture​

Life within the local culture immerses our volunteers in a world filled with nuances and differences, offering a stark contrast to their familiar home environment. Moreover, they encounter various educational challenges that require the utilization of professional tools. Our volunteer centers serve as a nurturing and resilient support system, aiding them in overcoming the obstacles they may face during their time with the program, given their diverse backgrounds.

We strive to transform these challenges into opportunities for meaningful learning, ensuring that the TEN experience resonates with both volunteers and beneficiaries alike. To facilitate this, we conduct service-learning meetings led by our Center’s Directors and Coordinators, in collaboration with local partners. These meetings aim to process field experiences and foster connections between the volunteers’ encounters during their service and broader global issues.

Through this approach, volunteers gain valuable insights into the communities in which they operate, as well as their own original communities and home countries. 

Our volunteers engage in a weekly process of personal growth, equipping themselves with valuable knowledge and tools for creating meaningful social impact. The sessions encompass a range of topics:

  1. Group Time: Practicing effective communication and teamwork skills within the volunteer setting.
  2. International Development: Meetings that focus on social justice in the developing world, global power relations, including developments in our volunteer country and Israel.
  3. Local Perspective: Learning about the local culture through engagement with local thought, literature, history, and young activists.
  4. Culture, Identity, and Environment: Discussions on identity and critical issues shaping our lives today.
  5. Education and Community (for volunteers in education): Acquiring tools for educational activities, sharing and reflecting on volunteering challenges and successes.
  6. Language Lessons: In Israel, we offer Hebrew and Arabic lessons, in Ethiopia, Amharic lessons are available, while in South Africa, you can learn Zulu. For Uganda, we offer Luganda lessons, and in Mexico and Argentina, we provide Spanish lessons.

And the list goes on, continuously providing new and diverse learning opportunities for our volunteers.

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