Ethical Code

Our staff and volunteers operate within a network of diverse communities worldwide, collaborating with locals not out of necessity but as grateful guests.

Local Communities Lead

TEN acknowledges that local communities lead fulfilled lives with their families, employment, and rich cultures. Each encounter is approached with the highest level of professionalism, awareness, and sensitivity, ensuring that our efforts do not inadvertently cause harm.

In our line of work, where people’s lives are impacted, good intentions alone are insufficient. TEN, as an organization dedicated to international community-based development, upholds international principles and values that guide responsible volunteering. Our Code of Ethics serves as an additional compass for volunteers, both before and during their fieldwork.

Importance of Cultural Sensitivity​

We emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity, encouraging volunteers to familiarize themselves with the local perspective, rather than solely relying on their own. Upholding professionalism, following the code of ethics, and adhering to guidance from TEN’s headquarters and on-site staff are crucial.

TEN’s approach includes safe and supervised work with patients, children, and youth, while respecting privacy and following specific guidelines for responsible representation. TEN proudly represents its origins and the State of Israel with the utmost respect throughout all of our global activities.

Prior to their arrival at our centers, volunteers undergo ethical training to prepare them for their experience. Upon reaching their designated centers, they receive comprehensive guidance and a copy of our Code of Ethics.

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