Volunteer in Gondar with the Jewish community that is awaiting to make “Aliyah” (immigration to Israel). Assist in their transition, aiding them in preparing for their new lives both in Israel and within Ethiopia. Get to know the fascinating culture in Ethiopia and visit extraordinary historical sites!

About Us

TEN’s center in Ethiopia welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including Israelis and Diaspora Jews who are passionate about volunteering. Our dedicated volunteers actively participate in daily informal education activities in order to enrich the locals learning experience to enable personal growth and development.

Established in 2023, our volunteer center in Gondar focuses on preparing the community for immigration to Israel by providing essential tools for their future.

We collaborate with teachers and change agents to support the needs of the community in the Jewish agency compound and local institutions. 

Our Impact and Initiatives- Informal Education

In Gondar, volunteers of TEN bring their expertise to work with children and youth in the community. 

Community Center for Young Adults: TEN established a hub for young adults, fostering digital literacy, language lessons in English and Hebrew, and vocational skills, while also igniting local innovation, nurturing leadership, and cultivating tight-knit communities.

Along with this, our volunteers choose to focus on one of these two educational avenues that are unique to the center:

21st-Century Life Skills Education: Through TEN activities, volunteers provide instruction in 21st-century skills through engaging play and interactive experiences. This approach helps locals (spanning from children to youths and individuals up to the age of 35) to develop crucial abilities such as teamwork, curiosity, self-expression, and more, equipping them with the essential skills needed to thrive in the modern workforce in Israel and in various aspects of their lives more broadly.

Judaism and connection to Israel: Volunteers engage in conversations, classes, and activities with the community awaiting immigration to Israel, exploring the nuances, culture, and history of Judaism. The volunteers also ready them for their immigration to Israel and facilitate education about Israel, encompassing its society, nature, and distinctive characteristics.

Enrichment Programs for Volunteers in Informal Education ​

TEN volunteers undergo pre-arrival and post-arrival training to prepare them for group living and volunteering. The orientation week introduces them to the center, local staff, volunteering sites, and the local culture. Throughout the three-month program, regular meetings cover topics like international development, education, community, language, and group dynamics. These meetings process volunteer experiences, provide tools for TEN’s educational model, and foster cultural understanding and identity as Jews, Israelis, and global citizens.


Residence: The volunteers share a common house in the heart of the Jewish community in Gonder. The residences are secure and equipped with a vegetarian kitchen and an equipped dining room, clean water, toilets, showers, a living room for activities and rest, balconies, and common spaces.

Shabbats and Holidays: At the volunteer house, Shabbats and holidays are celebrated together, providing an opportunity to engage in community life, participate in prayers, and practice Jewish traditions and customs.

Days off: During the program, designated days off are scheduled, allowing volunteers to explore Ethiopia, discover its diverse culture, and gain a deeper understanding of the country and its society.

Hiking and Travel Recommendations: Gondar, with its significant historical and cultural heritage, offers a captivating experience immersed in the ancient Ethiopian culture. Gondar boasts impressive local palaces that showcase the richness of the era. Venturing beyond Gondar, you’ll find convenient access to various destinations in Ethiopia. The Simien Mountains, Bahir Dar, Awra Amba, Danakil Desert, Erta Ale volcano, and many more intriguing sites are within close proximity, providing an opportunity to discover the diverse landscapes and cultural wonders that Ethiopia has to offer.

Additional Information:

The TEN volunteer house in Gondar follows kosher guidelines under the supervision of Rabbi Waldman and observes Shabbat and Jewish holidays. TEN’s center in Ethiopia primarily operates in Hebrew, although a significant number of the staff and volunteers are proficient in English.

Moreover, this center is distinct as it engages with both the Jewish community in Gondar and a diverse range of ages, from children to adults. 

Situated in close proximity to a Jewish community center, including the Jewish Agency facilities, a synagogue, and educational centers, the house provides a safe and comfortable living environment for volunteers, enabling them to fully dedicate themselves to their volunteering mission. 

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The 3-month cohorts cost $3000.
This includes:                   
Secure accommodation, vegetarian meals, clean water, basic internet, transportation during program activities, professional staff, and participation in an ethical, high-quality, volunteer program.
Does not include:
Flights, vaccines, health insurance, visas, and days off.

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