TEN center in Mexico works in the district of Huixquilucan de Degollado near the outskirts of Mexico City since 2021. Our volunteering efforts extend to various schools in different villages. This urban-rural dynamic is just an hour’s drive away from Mexico City, creating a captivating blend of city and countryside.

About Us

TEN Mexico primarily operates in the villages of Santiago Yancuitlalpan and Zacamulpa, located within the Huixquilucan municipality in the State of Mexico. In collaboration with the Jewish community of Mexico City, we strive to enhance educational activities in these villages. Through a partnership with Bitui and the local municipality, we engage with the children of the community at least four times a week, spanning both high schools and elementary schools. Our focus is on informal educational methods and fostering strong trust bonds between the community, TEN, and local teachers. We establish sustainable activities centered around critical thinking games, sports, music, and reading, involving children and youth of all ages to become catalysts for positive change in Huixquilucan.

Enrichment Programs for Volunteers

TEN volunteers undergo pre-arrival and post-arrival training to prepare them for group living and volunteering. The orientation week introduces them to the center, local staff, volunteering sites, and local culture. Throughout the three-month program, regular meetings cover topics like international development, education, community, language, and group dynamics. These meetings process volunteer experiences, provide tools for TEN’s educational model, and foster cultural understanding and identity as Jews, Israelis, and global citizens.

Our volunteers undergo Spanish lessons to engage effectively with the local community. Speaking Spanish allows for meaningful connections and impactful work. If you’re fluent in Spanish, consider volunteering in this beautiful landscape and immersing yourself in rich cultural and historical communities.


Residence: Our volunteer house, located on the outskirts of Mexico City, serves as our base for daily travels to Santiago Yancuitlalpan. Directors, Coordinators, share a communal home and volunteers shared rooms, showers, and bathrooms (4-6 volunteers per room). The house offers amenities like a laundry room, living room, and a fully equipped vegetarian kitchen. Volunteers can also enjoy the yard and the rooftop, offering scenic views of the beautiful valley.

Saturdays and Holidays: Every second weekend, participants have the freedom to explore and travel throughout the country. The program welcomes individuals from various religious and secular backgrounds. All activities scheduled on Saturdays and Jewish holidays are designed to be inclusive for traditional observers. However, every participant has the freedom to observe the Sabbath according to their own preferences.

Hiking and Travel Recommendations: Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities and the most populous in North America, offers numerous heritage sites, hiking trails, museums, parks, restaurants, and attractions. Within a few hours’ drive or flight, you can discover breathtaking hiking trails, stunning beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene.

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The 3-month cohorts cost $3000.
This includes:                   
Secure accommodation, vegetarian meals, clean water, basic internet, transportation during program activities, professional staff, and participation in an ethical, high-quality, volunteer program.
Does not include:
Flights, vaccines, health insurance, visas, and free weekends.

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