At TEN, we value evaluating our impact on communities through our educational activities and health programs. We remain committed to our goals, continuously strive for improvement, and maintain an ethical volunteering experience.

As an initiative by the Jewish Agency, TEN operates as a ‘Learning Organization’ that employs both internal and external evaluation processes. These evaluations allow us to monitor and track our activities, assess their quality and impact, draw valuable conclusions, and gain organizational knowledge. To facilitate the evaluation of our work processes and their effects on our target audiences, we collaborate with the ‘Digma Institute’ for applied evaluation.

Presently, our focus lies in institutionalizing internal evaluation processes. TEN conducts ongoing evaluations, specifically directed at these primary target audiences:

Teachers in the communities where our projects are implemented.
Local health professionals, partnering organizations and change agents within those communities.
Our diverse volunteers that are from various backgrounds, including Israelis and individuals from the Diaspora.

TEN's Values and Operating Principles

Our internal evaluation approach aligns with the values and operating principles of TEN. It encompasses the following key elements:

  1. Objective-based Evaluation: We define clear objectives and success indicators in terms of productivity and results.
  2. Multidimensionality: Our evaluation indices consider various target audiences, integrating and cross-referencing information sources, evaluation tools, and systems over time.
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation Operations: We examine the link between inputs, processes, productivity, and results to gain a holistic understanding.
  4. Empowering Evaluation: We integrate evaluation processes into our routine work, including planning, execution, and analyzing results. This approach fosters an ongoing dialogue that allows for continuous improvement based on the findings from these evaluations.

By embracing these principles, we ensure that our evaluation practices align with our mission, empowering us to continually enhance the effectiveness and impact of our programs

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