Live within a diverse community in the Galilee, volunteer with Bedouin children and youth in the area, with special needs community in the kibbutz and work on a communal farm. 

About Us

Our TEN Center, established in 2013, is nestled in the peaceful forest of the lower Galilee. The volunteer center, known as Sha’ar La’Adam, is located within the community of Kibbutz Harduf. The Kibbutz is renowned for its dedication to fostering social and educational community initiatives that promote Jewish-Arab collaboration, empower marginalized populations, and strive for equal opportunities.

In close partnership with local nonprofit organizations, our projects encompass a range of impactful endeavors. These include teaching English in elementary schools within Bedouin Villages, contributing to Beit Elisha—a rehabilitative community for adults with special needs—participating in organic agricultural endeavors, supporting at-risk youth at the Tuvia Boarding School, engaging in a multilingual theater project (English, Hebrew, and Arabic), and contributing to ecological planning and construction in the “Sha’ar La’Adam” Forest.

Our Impact and Initiatives​

During the afternoon hours, our volunteers dedicate their time to learning and personal development. They engage in various activities, such as, weekly Hebrew and Arabic lessons, coexistence classes, singing classes, theater workshops, biography sessions, and more. These opportunities foster cultural understanding, promote personal growth, and create a supportive environment for our volunteers.

Every month, we go on trips to explore our local area and discover different parts of Israel. These outings help us learn more about our surroundings and address local issues. Community is an important part of our program, as we engage in group activities, share meals, and work together on tasks like cooking and cleaning. We create a supportive and inclusive environment where we build lasting connections.

In our group, participants from different backgrounds, including Israelis volunteering before their army service, students studying and working in Harduf, and Diaspora Jews volunteering through MASA, find a welcoming and supportive community. Being part of this community encourages personal reflection and growth as individuals learn about themselves and others. This experience helps our volunteers uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and understand their abilities and limitations.


Residence: In each delegation, we have around 15-25 volunteers from around the world. They stay in eco-style rooms, with about 3-5 volunteers per room. The living area includes a vegetarian kitchen, dining room, toilets, showers, activity room, Wi-Fi, washing machine, and dryer. The volunteers also enjoy breathtaking views from all sides.

The center provides a vegetarian kitchen to cater to different dietary preferences.

Volunteers in Your Program: In addition to our MASA volunteers, there is an annual program at Sha’ar La’Adam for Jewish and Arab Israelis before their military or national service, as well as young students studying and working in Harduf. Our participants have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of individuals who contribute to Israeli society from various backgrounds.

Saturdays and Holidays: Participants have the opportunity to explore the country or enjoy their time on the Kibbutz during every second weekend. Our program warmly welcomes participants of all religious and secular backgrounds. All activities on Saturdays and Jewish holidays are designed to accommodate traditional observers, while allowing each participant the freedom to observe the Sabbath in their own way.

Travel Recommendations: Harduf is located near the picturesque Zipori River, known for its beautiful spring and ancient monastery. The famous Israel National Trail also passes close to Harduf, offering scenic hiking routes. With easy access to public transportation, you can reach Haifa and Nazareth within an hour (and within thirty minutes by car), allowing you to explore Israel’s modern attractions and vibrant nightlife while also having easy access to the natural beauty of the northern region.

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The 5-month cohort costs $5650.

The 10-months cohort (two cohorts in Harduf) costs $8650.

This includes:                                                                     
Secure accommodation, vegetarian food, clean water, basic internet, transportation during program activities, professional staff, and participation in an ethical, high-quality, volunteer program.
Does not include:
Flights, vaccines, and free weekends.

Our volunteer program collaborates with MASA, so after your introductory call with a representative of TEN, you will proceed to register and apply for a scholarship through MASA to join our program.

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