Ensuring Accessibility

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The internet has evolved into an expansive repository of knowledge, and our commitment extends to preserving the freedom of information and ensuring its accessibility to a broad spectrum of users, with a particular focus on those with disabilities.

In our perspective, it is paramount to equip individuals with disabilities with the essential tools required to access the information presented on our website. We aim to enhance their browsing experience as well.

At TEN, we place a high priority on making our digital services inclusive for people with disabilities. To that end, we have invested resources to facilitate seamless entry and navigation of our website. We consider it an honor and privilege that our website is accessible to everyone.

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we adhere to the Israeli standard for website accessibility and comply with the law. To ensure easy access for all, we have implemented an accessibility button featuring an extensive accessibility menu. With a simple click, you can tailor the site to your specific needs.

Within the accessibility menu, you’ll find a range of options, including:

  1. Keyboard Navigation: Navigate the site using your keyboard.
  2. Flashing Element Cancellation: Block flashing elements on the site.
  3. High Contrast: Adjust contrast settings for light or dark colors.
  4. Colorblind Adaptation: Choose from black-yellow, color reversal, monochrome, or sepia modes.
  5. Title Highlighting
  6. Link Highlighting
  7. Image Descriptions: Alternative descriptions for site images.
  8. Fixed Descriptions: Verbal descriptions of visual elements like logos.
  9. Readable Fonts: Switch to a more legible font type.
  10. Font Size Adjustment: Increase or decrease font size.
  11. Screen Magnification/Reduction: Adjust screen display size as needed.
  12. Large/Black Marker: Modify the marker design for easy identification.
  13. Reading Mode: Optimize the screen for comfortable text reading.


If you encounter any accessibility challenges while using our website, our dedicated team is here to assist you through various communication channels. We welcome your feedback as it helps us continually improve.

Our Accessibility Coordinator:
Name: Miriam Scheier
Phone: +972 527 277 867
Email: MiriamS@ten-global.org

Please note that responsibility for website use falls under the purview of the site owners or their representatives, encompassing the content displayed on the site, subject to the stipulations and terms of use.

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