Join us in Siem Reap and volunteer with beautiful communities and relishing the serene yet exciting atmosphere of this country!

About Us

TEN’s center in Cambodia welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including Israelis and Diaspora Jews who are passionate about volunteering. Our dedicated volunteers actively participate in daily informal education activities in order to enrich the local children’s learning experience to enable personal growth and development. Volunteers engage with several villages, conducting activities in local schools and afternoon programs that cater to children aged 10 to 18.

Our volunteer center was established in 2022 in Siem Reap, the second-largest city in Cambodia. Siem Reap combines contemporary culture, vibrant markets, and a variety of restaurants with a rich heritage spanning thousands of years. 

Our Impact and Initiatives​

From Siem Reap, TEN volunteers travel to Bakong and Pouk provinces, located just a 25-45 minute tuk-tuk ride away. In partnership with four schools, this volunteering program was established with the support of school principals and local NGOs who recognize the value of enrichment classes for children. Collaborating with New Hope Cambodia and SAAT School, TEN actively promotes sustainable educational change infused with Cambodian culture.

In Cambodia, our volunteers implement a diverse range of experiential and empowering activities, including art, music, group building, and critical thinking games. With a focus on experiential learning and tailored to the unique learning abilities of children and youth. These activities foster the development of essential skills and abilities necessary for their future growth. 

During afternoons and school holidays, when regular classes are not in session, TEN volunteers engage with middle school and teenage youth at an afternoon center. This provides an additional avenue for making education accessible to children from diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Enrichment Programs for Volunteers

TEN volunteers undergo pre-arrival and post-arrival training to prepare them for group living and volunteering. The orientation week introduces them to the center, local staff, volunteering sites, and local culture. Throughout the three-month program, regular meetings cover topics like international development, education, community, language, and group dynamics. These meetings process volunteer experiences, provide tools for TEN’s educational model, and foster cultural understanding and identity as Jews, Israelis, and global citizens.


Residence: Volunteers reside in a centrally located communal house in Siem Reap. The living area provides a secure environment with clean water, featuring amenities such as a vegetarian kitchen, a well-equipped dining room, toilets, showers, an activity room, and a shared yard.

Saturdays and Holidays: Every second weekend, participants have the freedom to explore and travel throughout the country. The program welcomes individuals from various religious and secular backgrounds. All activities scheduled on Saturdays and Jewish holidays are designed to be inclusive for traditional observers. However, every participant has the freedom to observe the Sabbath according to their own preferences.

Hiking and Travel Recommendations: Visit Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious complex adorned with stunning tenth-century temples. Travel to Phnom Kulen, an awe-inspiring national park with beautiful mountains and waterfalls. And don’t miss the renowned night markets of Cambodia!

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The 3-month cohorts cost $3000.
This includes:                   
Secure accommodation, vegetarian meals, clean water, basic internet, transportation during program activities, professional staff, and participation in an ethical, high-quality, volunteer program.
Does not include:
Flights, vaccines, health insurance, visas, and free weekends.

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